Keynote Speakers

Consultant Senior Scientist 

Tata Consultancy Services, Brisbane, Australia

Adjunct Professor, Deakin University

Director of Health Informatics & Cyber Intelligence Lab

Assistant Professor, Kennesaw State University, 

Tutorials Speakers

Abstract: Graph Learning

Graphs represent a fundamental shift in data analysis compared to conventional tabular-based machine learning. This talk provides an in-depth exploration of "Graph Learning" and its distinctions from traditional data analysis methods. Beginning with the foundational concepts of graphs, we delve into the intricacies of nodes and edges, emphasizing their pivotal role in capturing complex relationships and structures. Graphs offer a unique lens through which we can analyze data, revealing insights not easily attainable through traditional means. However, the focus of this presentation extends beyond theory to practical applications within the enterprise landscape. Knowledge graphs, a type of graph database, have revolutionized data management for organizations. Discover how knowledge graphs can transform data silos into interconnected knowledge networks, enabling enhanced decision-making, recommendation systems, and semantic search capabilities. The discussion also delves into specialized algorithms and techniques tailored for knowledge graphs. These methods play a crucial role in extracting valuable information from vast interconnected datasets, aiding in the identification of patterns, anomaly detection, and the optimization of data-driven strategies across various industries.

Abstract : Generative AI

Tutorial session provides an introduction to Generative AI and explores the role of large language models in the industry, both in the present and future. The session also includes hands-on demonstrations of generative AI in computer vision, focusing on DALLE and Stable Diffusion. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to experience hands-on activities with large language models, such as GPT-4 and PaLM-E. Join us to delve into the exciting world of Generative AI and discover the potential it holds for various applications.